What we pride about us is that we just not only intend to sell our tip packages but we rather focus on developing trained financial market professionals and hence we started our very unique training institute for financial learning that is the I.M.M. (Institute Of Money Management).
I.M.M. provides a set of courses and training modules to help people learn the basic rules and techniques to earn profit from the up’s and down’s of market safely and efficiently.
The main Target of our training Module is to strengthen you with all the necessary technical tools, Reports and Data Analysis and Hedging Techniques, and all the major fundamental factors affecting the market.
Here the focus is not only on providing you the knowledge that can be basically provided by any source. Our main purpose here is to develop within you the professional skills that are required for a Decision Making process in the live market. Because apart from the knowledge base a trader’s earning highly depends on its Dynamic Trading decisions and here we play a major role as after the theoretical guidance you will be provided a series of online trading sessions guidance where we will teach you to quickly analyze the strength of a script and make appropriate decision with an appropriate target and stop loss and this online training will continue until you are able to develop a self-based trading system and consistently make a profit mark on your trading account with a minimal of stoploss.