TOP 5 youtube channels for indian stock market commodity & forex online trading


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There are so many videos available on every topic on youtube.

lack of information was a problem years ago.

Now the real problem is excess of information.

If we type word”stock market”.

top 5 youtube channel for indian stock market & commodity are give below.

hundred of videos & websites are appearing there on the screen.

If we are going to any website or video by chance and that is not up to the level.

one might lose interest in stock market due to complexity or boredom.

So you need to start from right source. There are some wonderful websites & video channel to learn from ABC by reasonable paid video course or free basic information.

top5 you tube channel for indian stock market commodity trading are

  1. Pankaj jain youtube videos (
  2. Manikandan R
  3. Sunil minglani
  4. forex gurukul
  5. nitin bhatia

speedearning is providing video courses with very simple but most effective way in most reasonable cost.

You need to learn intraday trading, stock & nifty banknifty options,index & stock futures safe strategy , intraday & positional, longterm short term investment in shares, all type of mutual funds,IPO initial public offering,fundamental analysis, technical analysis,trading psychology to control your fear & greed. is a good website to study in hindi.

Moneycontrol is showing most updated data for all markets like stock market,commodity,crypto currency,forex, real estate, personal finance. is also agood websites to track day to day markets.

We can watch financial news channels like,zee business, ndtv profit to be familier with business terminology.

world is full of all the information, as if it is raining all over.But if one want to quech his thirst then need right pot to store that rain water.

video courses mentioned above are those pots only.If you know the benefit of that rain, you will store it for sure.

many free apps are also available on android or ios sysyem in you smartphone,which is going everywhere with you all the time.So you can work with freedom.



Are you failing in your career? A single reason to fail in any field

Are you failing in your career? A single reason to fail in any field.

People are trying too hard now a days to succeed in their studies,career, family, health but most of them are failing to achieve remarkable.

However no one is satisfied with his present growth. He/she want to go further.that is quite healthy.

But if you are not getting ahead at all then it is the time to see within and find the root cause.

Why don’t we go ahead when we are working hard all the day?

What is the reason?

Being whole day busy avoiding any deep thought process is a temporary comfort and temporary gratification as well.

It might be possible that you are trying to avoid any new decision.It is comfortable to follow chosen path.

Because when you start for a new path, it is unknown. If so many people keep asking you

“What are you doing now a days?”

It becomes difficult to prove yourself for time being.It is very easy in following old path.

Buy it is very dangerous to stick old ideas.

Old ideas seems boring today but we are adjusting.

These will be unbearable after some years and you have to have go for finding new and real solutions.but you would have wasted most of your energy already.

Then what is to be done?

Everything seems worthful in beginning and worthless after some weeks?

Stop your routine at the moment and see the truth that you are not doing anything.

Being busy is not working at all?

Just stop and don’t worry.

You took birth with a functional body in an ok family and got the chance to be raised well without your interference.

Life doesn’t stop if you stop but it find a way to go ahead without your interference.

You feel very scared in the beginning when you stop but it will be ok when you feel that real comfort of floating naturally.

Everything will happen in a natural way ,you just need to avoid internal friction.It will stop wastage of energy in clash.





स्टॉक खरीदने का सही टाइम क्या है ? stock market trading

स्टॉक खरीदने का सही टाइम क्या है ?stock market trading

इन्वेस्टमेंट का कोई टाइम गलत टाइम नहीं होता। अभी जो थोड़ा ऊपर निचे प्राइस होता है, जिससे हम दुखी होते है ,कल हम इस पे हँसेंगे। जब १०० और १२० प्राइस के शेयर १००० की प्राइस पर बिकेंगे।

लोग बात करते है की पहले infy या hul का इशू 10 /- में हुआ था। उस वक़्त ले लेते तो मज़ा आ जाता।

उस वक़्त भी खरीदना मुश्किल ही था आज से भी ज्यादा। आज इतनी सुचना तो है पहले तो अँधेरा ही था।

आज भी कितने ही ब्लू चिप मेकिंग में चल रहे है। उनको ढूँढना है तो उतनी ही रिस्क लेनी होगी जितनी उस वक़्त infy  के लिए थी। सबसे ज्यादा डरपोक लोग सबसे ज्यादा खतरे में है और उनके पास सही कदम ना उठाने के दस बहाने है। लोगों को बहाने चल जाते है क्योंकि उन्हें आपकी प्रोग्रेस से सीधे कुछ नहीं लेना देना।

लाइफ को बहाने नहीं चलते। यहाँ तो काम ही चाहिए। कितनी मुश्किल आयी , ये आप जाने लेकिन काम किसी भी तरह हुआ है तो उसका फायदा होगा।

कई  लोग कहते है कि क्या खरीदें, समझ नहीं आता। सेन्सेक्स के 30 शेयर में से हर कंपनी के २-२ शेयर भी ले लिए होते तो FD से कई  गुना ज्यादा रिटर्न होता।

सबसे अच्छी खबर ये है कि  चाहे मार्किट कितना ही ऊपर या निचे क्यों न हो ,आपको कोई सही स्टॉक नीचे भाव में मिलेगा ही। इसलिए मौका कभी नहीं चुकता।

जब पहले 21000 का लेवल था सेंसेक्स में तो आई टी /एफ एम सी जी /ऑटो /सीमेंट सेक्टर के स्टॉक बॉटम में थे। आज सारे ही टॉप पर है।

कई लोग कहते है कि समझ नहीं आया कि क्या खरीदें ?सेंसेक्स के 30 शेयर में से 10 -12 धीरे धीरे ले लिए होते तो ही एफ डी से कई गुना ज्यादा रिटर्न हो जाता।

आपके पैसों को सबसे ज्यादा खतरा तो आपके घर में ही है -आपसे और फैमिली से।

चोर भी ले जाता है तो थोड़ा सही जगह खर्च करता है लेकिन सरप्लस पैसा घर में पेट्रोल की तरह उड़ जाता है बस किसी को दिखता नहीं।

तो रिस्क वाली सोच झूठी है।

लोग सोचते है कि फिर कमाया किसलिए है ?कमाई का आज के खर्च से आगे भी  यूज़ किया तो सब सेट है।

कमाया आपने है अपने लिए तो बचाया भी अपने लिए है ,पडोसी के लिए नही।



stock market commodity & forex – how to decide right volume,Stop loss & Target?

Stock market commodity & forex – how to decide right volume,Stop loss & Target?

There should not be a same formula for stop loss & targets in changing stock market conditions.Same in commodity mcx & forex market.
Try to practice minimum stop loss, because it is easy in recovery.

If nifty or any scrip in going down since last 3-4 days,then we can buy big volume on reversal.(say buy above VWAP or high that day) expect big target and may keep a big stoploss 2 to 5%.

after 1 day reversal, 2nd day may show a big move if it is still making reaction high.(so keep buying abv high with medium quantity,medium stoploss value & medium to large profit in parts.because thare may be profit booking on resistance levels.

If Nifty or any scrip is on the pick then buy minimum quantity with very small stoploss & quick profit booking with training stop losses.Sometime unreasonable jump in price may be there, so you will be able to get that huge profit.


Stock market & commodioty trading training course in MUMBAI.

Stock market & commodioty trading training course in MUMBAI.

What are the problems to learn new professional and personal skill.

Is it lack of regular spare time?

stock market can be learnt easily. Commodity trading is also easy.

Stock market & commodioty trading training course in MUMBAI.

We can’t spare 3 hours for 1 hour learning.

There are somany things to do in life, so we can’t dedicate all the time for a new single purpose.

Sone time our job needs extra time.Sometime we need to chill out with our friends.

We are not well or simply very tired somedays.

If we have a gap in learning,then we may lose interest in new course.Because one trainee might left behind in batch system.

Is it lacs of tution fee for less promising courses?

One has to pay lacs of rupees for any professional course and it will give benefit when we get some related job and that too is not sure.

So we need a new system.

The system without movements,system to learn with flexibility & freedom.

Stock market training with online one to one class is very innovative approach designed by moneyguru Pankaj Jain who made it possible for anyone from anywhere.

A lower income employee is learning in jharkhand, A well paid professional from australia or dubai is learning as well.

This is the best combination of  old methodology with latest technology.

Stock market trading & investment is not only useful but essential for all.Because one has to learn money management anyways. You need no employer to use youer new aquired skill.

You can use it on your own with even a negligible amount like rs 5000/-

Commodity trading is also suitable because it is running till late evening 11.30pm.

An employee can trade in it after coming from office.

Learning is a real joy in life, so you can continue toi have it without worrying about money & time required.

You may see all details in related websites.


see youtube channel “pankaj jain

option trading course online practical in mumbai

option trading course online practical in mumbai.

Option trading is possible in minimum capital. So many traders are interested in option trading now a days.

But it seems very complex in beginning.

It is quite simple to trade in equity cash but option needs systematic knowledge.

One can start nifty option trading even with 5-10 thousands.

stock option needs10-20k only.

But detail training may cost 20 to 50 thousands. This the best possible investment to assure one’s success.

Offline classroom trainings and online practical course is also available. is one website which is getting popular for most efficient practical training course online from your place only.

Option can keep you safe in upside or downside move and in tight range bound movement as well.

there are 15-20 different option strategy for various market condition.


search most viewed youtube channel”pankaj jain moneyguru stock mcx”

stock market training – how much money do I need to trade stocks/ options?

Stock market is a world class business. Sky is the limit in case of earning here.
Many ignorant middle class people think that it is not affordable by them.
but surprisingly it can be started even with 1000 to 5000/- only. It is affordable by a student or housewife.
One needs very little money and very little time.
You need a trading or demat account to start this business. Such account can be opened with nominal fee rs300-600/-.
5 minutes may be enough to earn if one understand the market.
It can be done easily on smartphone now so it can be done from anywhere like mall,hill station or running train.
You should expect profit in right percentage of capital. Suppose one is getting rs 50/- from rs 5000/- capital.
It is 1 percent daily means 250 percent in 250 working days.
that is ultimate possible profit from any business. No one can maintain regular percentage of profit anyways. You need to stop with a little loss some day even after trying very hard  but you will get unexpectedly big profit someday. So average profit is maintained if you are not trapped in reaction of big loss.
Any other business will need so many resources – 5lac+ capital , employee,office,bills and many hours of working without flexibility.
But traders career is quite lucrative in advanced countries. Why such a business don’t have good reputation in our society.
because new things are not adopted by established families in beginning. So these are adopted by incapable and  not well educated people. When some of them become very successful then all others from all backgrounds are attracted towards the same career.
This is quite obvious cycle since ages. There will be huge awareness in every 10+old person within 5 years.
So begin it with a systematic start with proper training. If you have really decided to give a full swing try then pick up the phone and call us.
see pankaj jain youtube  india’s big channel for stock market and mcx

Trading forex for a beginner – the basics

Trading forex for a beginner – the basics

Forex trading is very popular term on internet now a days. So many websites are full of advertisements about Forex or currency online trading.
Many of us are attracted towards huge income figure shown by them and jump blindly into it. Rest of us are just doubtful to take any further step.
It is true that you can earn money in online trading but not without proper approach like a professional.
There should be proper input of time,money and knowledge to be consistently successful.
We can trade in so many currencies but 4 currency pairs are traded mostly in Indian exchanges which are providing totally legal and safe platform.
Those 4 pairs are
Euro- INR
INR stands here for Indian rupee.
Us dollar, British pound, European currency and Japanese Yen are another currency in pair respectively.
You need to open currency trading account online which can be opened easily in 300 to 700inr.
You can put basic capital 10k onwards to start this biggest worldwide business. One can have 20 to 100 times leverage from various brokers.
It means you can trade currency future worth 2lac to 1crore in the pocket money of a student.
But such leverage is very risky without deep knowledge because you may lose 100 times faster.
That is what happens with 95% traders.Why?
They are not starting like a professional but a gambler.
You can learn everything online in negligible fee and 20-30 minute’s spare time daily from simplified training for beginners.
These websites are having trainings from 10k to 50k INR or USD 150-900 only.
These trainings can provide career with total freedom and lifelong solution.

Moneyguru Pankaj Jain

Providing trading tips for indian commodity market – Speed Earning

Have your investment decisions ever made you regret? We all are aware that selecting an appropriate investment plan to make your money grow is very crucial as it requires proper knowledge of market and various investment options. Market in India is continuously varying and investors require knowledge of the market and trends to stay in control of their financial investments. It is possible to make safe investment if you seek help of an investment advisor, who can help you and provide right tips regarding your investment. Speed Earning is a one of the best commodity trading tips provider who takes care of your investments and trading in Indian stock market and commodity market.

Speed Earning offers you finest investment insights to help you achieve your financial objectives. As a leading provider of Indian stock market and trading tips, they present a wide range of stock recommendations and commodity trading tips for beginners. They are a leading stock advisory company providing intraday tips, short term delivery and BTST/STBT, including trading tips for equity, F&O segment, NSE, BSE, MCX, and commodity tips.

Speed Earning’s team of share market analysts have extensive knowledge and experience of the stock market in India and also, they are best commodity tips provider as well. This knowledge and proficiency facilitates them to provide NIFTY tips, share market and commodity trading tips efficiently. Each day market is studied meticulously by the experts to provide best tips and sound suggestions to the client. This detailed study helps the clients to build a strategy for profitability.

Speed Earning aims to create awareness amongst the investors on being a better investor and boost the economy by encouraging the new investors to invest intelligently. Whether you are looking for accurate stock live tips, nifty tips, commodity tips, or all share tips, your search ends here.

You can experience outstanding profit in stocks and commodity trading with Speed Earning, one of the best Stock Tips providers in India in terms of accuracy and worthiness.