You Can Start Option Trading With 5000 Only

Option Trading With 5000

If you are just a beginner in option trading, you can ponder over how much money you should invest in your new business.

This is one of the common queries that a newbie has in his mind and here I am going to discuss this to help you out.

Well, no amount is considered to be as smaller amount until and unless you start your journey as a stock marketer.

It is not necessary to invest a huge amount of money at the beginner’s level just as we need it in Real estate Business.

Yes , you can start your business with only 5000 rs and another thing you keep in mind that you should have set aside an adequate emergency fund that gives you a backup for an unexpected event.

Being a newbie you must not be aware of the basics of risk management so an emergency fund can support you at your initial 3 to 6 months.

The Futures and Commodity markets offer Day Traders better access to day exchange for a considerably little deposit.

Depending upon the brokerage, you can open a future account with as little as $2,500, whereas many require at $5,000 to $10,000.

This isn’t the equivalent as “margin”, which is the base measure of capital you should have in your account with a specific end goal.

The margin required relies upon the market being traded and the current level of unpredictability.

For instance, to trade a single Live Cattle Future contract you may need to have an “Initial Margin” of $1,650 to start the trade, and it must not dip under $1,200 which would be your “Maintenance Margin”.

For a beginner in option market trading all these things seems to be more confusing as it may lead to a loss of investment.

So Option Trading is an definitely risky financial activity that should only be practiced by those people who have acquired effective risk management and asset allocation strategies.

You  can learn according to your requirements to develop your skills. Various of modules are available to give you proper knowledge.

From Option trading Basic course to Some Advance level courses are offered by various of institutes like IFMC, Institute of Money Management, Nifty, NCFM Academy and many more.

Whether you are a beginner or a working professional , you can fetch any of the courses  like Option Trading, Financial Trading, Stock Trading, Forex, Technical Analysis, Day Trading, Future Trading, Investing, Personal Finance Strategies and many more.

Top 5 tips in Option Trading:

  • Options are considered as the best risk reducing tools for investments.
  • Manage Risk carefully and tactfully as you can lose your investment at any time. So don’t invest money going out of your comfort zone.
  • Never buy any option that is cheap but tempting. The chances of success are too small in these cases.
  • Never go for a broke as any unexpected event can happen.
  • Always buy one option for every option you sell. This is how selling spreads.

However, if you are willing to pursue the education and perform the hard work necessary to make money at it, options trading can be a very rewarding and profitable.


Top 5 Stock Market Training Institutes in India

Are you passionate about Stock marketing? Does Stock marketing look more tempting than recurring deposits and fixed deposits to you?  Then Online Trading is one of the best options for you.

To do it in a right way you certainly need to have a Stock market Training Institute. There are plenty of institutes which provide you with a wide range of courses and certifications on stock marketing investments.

But to a newbie, it seems little confusing when it comes to a selection. But don’t worry; here I am giving you a list of Top 5 Stock Marketing Training Institutes in India.

  1. Institute of Career and Financial Market
  2. Speed earning
  3. National Institutes of securities Market.
  4. Nifty Trading Academy
  5. BSE Training Institute India.

1. Institute of Career and Financial Market ( ICFM):

ICFM is an entity of Career Pro Venture Limited in Delhi. It offers you cutting-edge training in the financial market.

Their Programs are Industry Integrated and accepted by reputed Companies.

You are trained in a classroom and groomed in a renowned company.

Thus you become job ready for the exciting opportunities.

It boasts of diversified yet “Financial Market Centric” basket of programs.

2. Speed Earning:

Speed Earning is one of the most reliable Institutes in the Money Management Industry.

They run the company with plenty of satisfied customers and also established the Institute of Money Management (IMM) to develop trained financial market professionals.

There are some expert faculties to guide you in your money investment career.

They conduct plenty of courses including NCX trading course, NCDEX trading course, NCE F & O course, Bank Nifty option strategy and many more.

They have assisted many companies and individuals on stocks, cash and F&O trading too.

Online classes and tutorials for beginners are also available here.

3. National Institutes of securities Market:

It was the year 2006 when NISM came into existence.

Since then this institute has offered ample training programs related to stock market investing.

This institute works at different levels to guarantee the maximum amount of exposure is provided to the candidates.

The institute offers academic sessions, training sessions, capacity building and skill development sessions.

The institute also provides financial education and standards to improve financial literacy in the country.

The institute is located in Vashi Navi Mumbai India. A 72-acre campus at Patalganga (off-Mumbai-Pune Expressway).

4. Nifty Trading Academy:

Nifty Trading Academy is an ISO 9001:2008 certified training institute.

NTA has always given a lot of focus on the quality of training.

It has some of the best experts and highly advanced infrastructure to train the aspirants.

If you are looking for Best Technical Analysis Course then it perhaps is one of the best options.

5. BSE Training Institute India:

BSE offers you various courses and certifications like-

EPIM (Executive Program in Investment Management), GFPM (Global Financial Market Professional Program), and BSEIMP (BSE Industry Mentored Project).

They provide you with the opportunity for your professional and personal growth.

Their programs are offered at Delhi as well as Kolkata.

Can you earn a living via trading stocks?

Can you earn a living via trading stocks?
The online stock traders often face a question that whether someone can live by only trading stocks? Trading stocks can be a good way to earn money but it should not be the reason to live your job. It might sound very fascinating that one has left his current means of earning and has gone full time trading stocks but it has a lot of risks too.
Despite all the drawbacks of trading stocks as toe335ld by other, it is definitely possible to earn a living. The term ‘possible’ and ‘probable’ become very significant here. There is a possibility that you can make a good amount of money but the probability is not high.
Like we all know, the majority of the investors, especially the amateurs, being influenced by the success of paper trading, takes a leap of faith and eventually lose their entire fortune in it. On the contrary, we have also witnessed the massive success rate of a person via online trading. They only have a laptop and a proper internet connection to make the online trading. The rest is history.

Can you earn a living via trading stocks?
Earning a living via trading
The rules are quite simple. When you are good at something, you can use it as a measure to earn a living. It means that you need to have a specific skill and a mindset to make a good turn. The real skill of trading stocks is to understand the current behavior of the market and the ability to take risk. Risk can be taken by anyone but it will be different when you reach an excellent level.
As per the new SEBI rules, the contract size will be limited or the individual traders. Previously, the same authoritative body was planning to make the trading volume even bigger. It means that the future of the trading world is totally dynamic. One does not know what will come. The unpredictability also makes it a tough industry to earn money via investing only. The contract volume was set to be INR 2 Lakh for the last decade. Now it will be increased to INR 10 Lakh as per the SEBI.

Can you earn a living via trading stocks?
This step is being taken by SEBI so that only the richer online stock traders can participate in the game, especially in the F&O segment. It means you will have to have a sound knowledge of trading methodology. On the other hand, you also need an adept skill to manage risk. The environment varies from time to time and so does the risks involved.
To get started, you will need to learn the specific terms related to the trading world. Remember one thing that you want to become a trader. The investors often rely on what the tips suggest and leave the money to grow. In this case, your investment will be in your hand. You will need a proper financial cushion to support you for the first few months. You cannot get emotional and lose your track. Loss is also an option. You do not have to win always and eventually lose all your money.






How trading in Stock Option can be very beneficial for all traders

How trading in Stock Option can be very beneficial for all traders

Option is one of the most misunderstood instruments used vividly in the stock trading. The instrument can be significantly used to trade in the Indian Stock Market to ensure a fruitful income. Option trading is fit for both small and big traders. The reason is quite simple. The risk related to Option trading is very limited.

For an instance, when you see that the market is currently trending towards bullishness and the stocks of Reliance Industries will shoot from 850 to 920 within 10 days, you can utilize this opportunity to earn a good return from the market.

OPTION Different ways to trade

There are various ways to grab this above mentioned opportunity via Option Trading.

  1. First, you can buy 100 shares of Reliance Industries Limited and invest. It will cost you INR 85,000 + 1.5% taxes and delivery brokerage. The profit you will earn is INR 7000 or more.
  2. In the second case, you can go for intra-day trading. It will be tough to get 30 points of the total 70 points movement as the market only gives a handsome profit in GAP UP opening. Almost every intra-day trader misses the chance of earning a huge profit. On the other hand, the amount of time and energy wasted plus the brokerage of 0.1% will add up to a significant amount.
  3. The third option is mentioned below.

You can buy 1 call option. For an instance, if the share price or premium is 20 over 900, then your investment will be (INR 20 X 250) = INR 5000. The maximum risk, in this case, is INR -5000 but the profit can be unlimited. The brokerage for every trade you make is INR 50.

How trading in Stock Option

If the direction is not properly clarified, still, when RIL go up or down, you will have the following option to avail.

Buy call for bull trend + buy PUT for bear trend.

Your total investment is around INR 5000 for CALL INR +5000 and for PUT I INR 10,000. At times, we have found a huge profit of around INR 50,000 delivered by this INR 10,000 investment. When NIFTY breaks, the medium-term levels down. You can easily gain INR 5000 from INR 10,000 investment. It is quite clear now that going for a combination of investment in a safe manner will be the ideal way to trade. You can opt for such combinations and then relax for 10 days till the 15th of every month. The CALL/PUT combination should be done only when you have a specific reason. If the market shows abrupt behavior, you can make a huge profit out of it. If the stock comes in a range then both the CALL/PUT premium will decrease causing a loss.











first 3 trading days from expiry day of previous month.

for example 28jun to 3 jul.

long straddle (buy big premium call+small premium put) of nse100 monthly loser or 52wk high

long straddle (buy big premium put+small premium call) of nse100 monthly gainer or 52wk low

One can get 15-20% return in such combination,

suppose you bought tatasteel 550call@rs 10/- premium+bought put@rs 5/- premium.

total 15/- to 17/- can be booked.

increase number of lots to 3 after 3 month and 9 after 6month success.



There will be premium decay in stocks which are range bound.

so SPREAD are good to use there.

DLF came down from 210 to 190.

So we bought DLF 190call+ sold DLF 200 call.

5th to 12th of month is best for

POSITIONAL long straddle.

long straddle (buy big premium call+small premium put) of nse100 monthly loser or 52wk high

long straddle (buy big premium put+small premium call) of nse100 monthly gainer or 52wk low

3rd WEEK is best for –
SHORT straddle
any stock moved very much in last 3days.
suppose icici moved from 275 to 305.
then sell far out of money call & put both.
sell 330 call+sell 280 put, when CMP is 305.
keep SL @ day high in both.
4th week is good for
calender spread (last 2 days of expiry)
buy next month call (OTM) + sell this month call (ITM)
Daily trade in STOCK option according to gainer/ loser sector (twice a day
BTST or STBT may be done if clear signals are supporting.
DAILY trade in NIFTY/banknifty with open hedging.
positional trade ONCE a week.
keep SL buy in nifty call@hi if it is falling since last2-3 days.
keep SL buy in NIFTY PUT@day high if it is gaining since last 2-3days.
detail one on one live market training with full FEE recovery
4900(self learning weekend video course

stock market GEETA part 3 – ever winning rules for share market option future / mcx / forex

stock market GEETA – ever winning rules for share market option future / mcx / forex


31.Try to trade in safe zone.If copper is going from 400 to 410,then take 403 to 407,That is safe zone.

You can go for 3lots  for 12pt profit.

32.Do not chase profit.

If chance goes,let it go.It will come back,

buy if capital goes, it will not come back.

No one dieif he falls from slow bicycle.Speed without skill is biggest danger.

Your growth should be slow & steady for retaining success.

33.You should not be bullish or bearish by nature.If we are occupied with some pressumption,we can not see actual movement.

34.Reduce your reaction time.If you observe continuously without any pressure then It will reduce automatically.

Reaction time means gap between taking decision & implementing real trade. not become dustbin.Whole media,tv channel& prints,co traders & many websites are coming with contradictory statements & views.

One becomes full of garbage like dustbin –totally confused.

Refrain from noise,listen to all but follow right reasons.

36.Do not buy or sell in impulse.If right reasons are there(sector running,above avrage,more buyers,bounce from bottom) buy/sell optimum volume with strict small stoploss.

If  no right reason is there,sit free whole day without any trade or open hedging both side(up/down).

37.We should not have attachment or detatchment to any commodity.

some fellow says -we trade in bullions only.

some says- I will never touch silver again.WHY?

We sould be familier to all commodities especiaaly in MCX to get regular intraday profits.

If gold/silver shows very good move  for2-3 days ,then it will become rangebound for next 4-5 days.

When bullion take breather, base metal- copper-nickel -lead-zinc shows big move one by one.

Choose strongest to buy  & weakest to sell on that day to earn maximum with minimum risk.

38. Many of traders know that how to trade when market moves good

But few of traders know – how to pass time without trade when market is in confusing tight range.

39.Keep checking all your pending orders by F3-f3and cancel all useless orders.

See net position in ALT+F6 and keep booking profit directly from there.

40.We need to try and test right system for 50days.Just learn to maintain 1000/- in evening (7-8.30slot)

Then multiply lots(2.3.6) gradually.PROFIT may reach upto 5000/- or 10000/-daily.

If one reaches such target in 24 months,then IS iT LATE? 2lac per month within 2yrs.

41.Some day you tried very much but still in loss of 2000/-. all sl hitting.

Just accept it & leave the screen for today.

You don’t have any burden of loan,salary,electricity bill or petrol etc.

Play cool.

42.Never try to recover loss in single shot,Otherwise loss will be double.

Recover loss of 10.000/- in 4parts.

43.Even if you have lost 20lacs in losses ,It is ok to plan 5000/- daily only and stick to plan.

You will cover all your losses in 400 days only(less than 1.5yrs)

If you need to get training,Salaried operator or fast internet speed.

Calculate and arrange all these.

Within 20days ,It will be clear whether these things are  working or not.

44.Record all your trading activities  and time slots in dull hours or late evening..You can see loopholes and improvise day by day.

45.Whole day watching screen may create fatigue in your body,mind and eyes.So take breaks.

Relax your eyes,take a nap in afternoon,meditate,parallel self study of market trends.Write diary.

46.Maintain energy level to remain fearless & to make prompt decision and action.





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trading GEETA part2 – universal rules for profit in stock derivative/commodity mcx or forex

trading GEETA – universal rules for profit in stock derivative/commodity mcx or forex

16.if there are clear resson to by something with ressonable sl then buy it.

if suddenly buyers decresse ,don,t wait for sl hit ,just come out .

17. Keep booking part profit and keep trailing SL(STOPLOSS) in remaining lot.

18.For great profits ,

          we need to do one thing only control your losses .profit will take care of itself.

19.Trader make a common mistakes.they control their profits, but wait in losses,

         there should be 1:3 ratio is sl/profit.

20.When u open positions ,just calculate the value of total stoplosses.if total stop loss amount is higher,then reduce the volume.

21. Control over volume is the ultimate control.If we are making 3mistakes in micro lot,then recovery is possible in single big lot.

22. do not over trade.If daily loss reach 2% of capital,then stop trading immediate


and it takes time to practice.

23.Just learn to digest profit or loss.

Take a break,listen music,go to market,meet people or study old charts on internet.

24.Always think in percentage(%).If silver is moving 500pt then it is just 1%.It may go upto 6% someday.

25.Beginners are hyperactive,but mature traders trade only when there is strong reason.

26.Learn to see mkt watch with time discipline,twice or trice a day.(say @1.55pm,5.55,8.55pm )

If you learn to remain calm in red and blue .then you will win definitely.

27.  Calculate your daily brokerage and taxes.You can’t ignore detail cost in any business.

Traders generally pay upto 1000/- for daily brokerage+taxes,but they never calculate this.That is why they are not mentally prepared to pay half of this(500/- daily) for good research and training.

28.just record all your trade in a pocket diaryand analyse your trading behaviour & methodology day by day.

Facts & figures show us exact picture.

Do not argue and do not justify your mistakes.

Accept simply,then rectify day by day.


29.A trader’s core thought is very important.If you think that it is a gambling of chances,then it becomes gambling actually.

If  one consider it like a genuine business,then he is ready for all proper inputs.

30.Leave your ego,keep your profits.

Keep your ego,leave your profits.

A trader has to be very flexible.He should adjust profit & losses as per market conditions.

TRADERS’ GEETA part 1 – Universal rules to win in stock market option nifty future & forex derivatives

TRADERS’ GEETA – universal rules to win in stock market option nifty future & forex derivatives

What is most important to earn in mcx /stock market trading?

1.Trader need to practice these 2 things-

Discipline – time discipline+Target discipline

Whenever a big up /down movement comes,it attract all the traders back.when traders come back to trade,it becomes rangebound again.

Just notice last fridays free fall.

Then very dull movement on sat,monday and tuesday morning.

When 90% trader became hopeless,it just moved up 2000pts in 4 hrs.

2.Beginners are hyperactive.

They  try to trade on every up & down.

Mature trader choose 10 trades in a week.

If chance goes,its ok,but capital should not go away.

So calculate number of trade and stop losses u can afford.

Suppose there is a positional buy call in nickel abv 1052 sl 1034(18pt=4500)tgt1100

A small trader can’t afford it but he wants to.

He should use rs.3-3 sl 3 times.

buy@1052 sl 1049

buy@1043 sl1040

Buy@1037 sl1034

In this way it is possible to trade such call in just rs. 9 sl.

3.    See global markets (nasdaq/dow/hangseng/sgx nifty) from websites like before opening of today’s trading session.

4.       When stock market opens  , see the direction of index at right top of screen. 

5.       Create market watch in first 30 minutes after opening of today’s trading session.

6.       Place 4 scrips form different sectors or 4 commodity on upper half of screen, and place odin chart in lower half.

7.       U can start test trade with micro silver at 10.01. It is possible to have 150pts in silver in first 3 min. But do it with strict sl.when u become confident for 7 days in silvermicro then do it with mini 5kg or 30kg.

for this it is necessary to have key board & operator skill in ur silver@ 51900 sl 51750 tgt 52100place all the order fast.after confidence & observation 3 big lots gives u 15000 in first 3 min. Never do it without strict stoploss.

8.       Ur reaction time is very important in trading. How many minutes do u take for decision & execution of trade?

9.       Don’t be imotional when stoploss hits. It is better to hit 5 sl of 150pts rather than 1sl of 1000pts.

10.     Be flexible in trading.suppose silver goes up in morning and down in afternoon & again up in evening,then flexible trader takes 200pts from each 500 pts in safe zone.

11.     Never try to chase any commodity till pick or bottom. 

Place prior order for profit booking. Book at bottoms and resell again at jump or if it breaks low. (always with sl) 

12.     Keep time from 10 to 11am. Check opportunity at 2 pm when data comes. 

Avoid trading between 6 to 8 without clear tip.last trading session from 8 to 9.30. Then enjoy with family. 

13.     Target discipline. Fix min 2% daily tgt on capital. Every trader is not supposed to trade on every call. U can have 6000 in 3 safe calls with small sl. 

14.     Target for max loss in a day should also be fix with profit tgt. 

Trading every hour will not give u any profit.just learn to digest profit or loss. Take rest of 2 hours or 2days after small/big loss. 

Check this website to see annual charts of commodity- 

Commodity section 

See all products, details & fundamental(demand & supply) 

If u have problem with english,check this site 

Commodity section

15.Do not irritate when sl hit.

always count amount of stoploss instead of number of stoploss.
search “pankaj jain stock ” on youtube &
watch the best channel to earn crores.

Banknifty option strategy for daily intraday trading

Banknifty option strategy for daily intraday trading

What should be daily intraday trading strategy for banknifty option.

Lotsize for banknifty is 40.

Suppose current market price (CMP) of banknifty future is 25500.

Then which call and put of banknifty should be bought?

Go to nseindia website.

See equity derivatives there.You will see top 20 contract there.

Click on banknifty with any strike price call or put.

Option chain will be found there on right upper corner of the this.

Option chain will be open.

See the column in the middle of table- that is strike price.

Don’t bother about such a complex data shown there.

You can see nearest out of money (OTM call25600 and nearest out of money (OTM put with strike price 25400.

Left part shows CALL and Right part of table shows PUT.

Strike prices shown is light yellow shade are ITM (in the money.

What should be daily intraday strategy for banknifty option.

After9.30 am in morning,

Keep stop loss buy order@today high on 25600 call and SL buy @high in 25400 put.

If high is too far from CMP then VWAP (average price) may be used to place order.

Suppose 25400 put is running @cmp 180 and today high is 330.

So we should not put buy order@330 which is 150 point away.

See VWAP. If it is 220. Then we shall place SL buy order@220.

Same procedure will be repeated after 1.40pm in afternoon session.

But prices will change meanwhile,so do it accordingly.

You can wait till 11.30am in morning,

And wait till 3pm in afternoon.

Each strategy can show accuracy upto 60-70%

But that is well enough to reach our target.

No strategy can be 100% accurate in the world.

So you are getting 7days ok profit.say 0.1%

7*20 or=140pt

3 days extreme profit say 0.3%


Remaining 10 days will be no profit/ no loss due to hedging.

So total 140+180=320pt

So in 22 trading days of a month

It is 320/22=14pt daily

14pt *40 lot size =560/-

If MIS margin used for banknifty is Rs 80000.

Then daily return is0.6%. so monthly returns 13% and annual return more than 150%.

A very simple single minded approach  can give you such a great result in minimum risk and time.

Practice it for 3 month till you get succeed.


51000(6 month detail training with total fee recovery.

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Top 5 beaches to explore in goa that makes your trip special

Top 5 beaches to explore in goa that makes your trip special

1.Palolem (south Goa)
Palolem is most famous & popular in south Goa but it is on far end towards Karnataka.
It is 35 km from madgoan and 70km from panaji.
It is not wise to travel twice in a single day,so it is better to stay there overnight.
It is must to walk till the right stretch from entry gate for real beauty of this beach.

Morzim is famous for foreign tourists,sunbed for all.This the best beach to swim because it is flat and safe.
A romantic evening walk towards chapora fort is insane.You will feel like both of you lost in some other world.

No package will include these best 5 beaches in GOA which can make our trip special.

Actually beaches are not there to see, those are to be felt deeply.If you are giving proper time ,those beaches will give you timelessness.

Sinquerim is near aguada fort.This is the best beach for good photos of 10 km beach view stretch till baga beach.
Vivanta by Taj on hills gives a shining view in evening.
Lower aguada fort is very attractive for photography.walk a while to the last end and you will find a unforgettable place to sit for hours.

Anjuna is having young foreign crowd .shakes are much closer to sea so it feels cozy here.
Cost of stay is also reasonable with good quality.
Curlies double storey shake is so happening.
Cafe Lilliput is also famous.

5.small vegator
Tourist are going to vagator beach. generally.chapora fort & W hotel are located there.but it is comfortable in evening only.
Shakes are not there.

We are suggesting small vegator beach which is quite special and suitable for stay as well.
This beach is unique in it’s experience.
Last 2 beaches are 40% rocky.

Call us for free support (any help for right location,food or travel advise.

Enjoy with family and remember us like a friend.