Banknifty option strategy for daily intraday trading

Banknifty option strategy for daily intraday trading

What should be daily intraday trading strategy for banknifty option.

Lotsize for banknifty is 40.

Suppose current market price (CMP) of banknifty future is 25500.

Then which call and put of banknifty should be bought?

Go to nseindia website.

See equity derivatives there.You will see top 20 contract there.

Click on banknifty with any strike price call or put.

Option chain will be found there on right upper corner of the this.

Option chain will be open.

See the column in the middle of table- that is strike price.

Don’t bother about such a complex data shown there.

You can see nearest out of money (OTM call25600 and nearest out of money (OTM put with strike price 25400.

Left part shows CALL and Right part of table shows PUT.

Strike prices shown is light yellow shade are ITM (in the money.

What should be daily intraday strategy for banknifty option.

After9.30 am in morning,

Keep stop loss buy order@today high on 25600 call and SL buy @high in 25400 put.

If high is too far from CMP then VWAP (average price) may be used to place order.

Suppose 25400 put is running @cmp 180 and today high is 330.

So we should not put buy order@330 which is 150 point away.

See VWAP. If it is 220. Then we shall place SL buy order@220.

Same procedure will be repeated after 1.40pm in afternoon session.

But prices will change meanwhile,so do it accordingly.

You can wait till 11.30am in morning,

And wait till 3pm in afternoon.

Each strategy can show accuracy upto 60-70%

But that is well enough to reach our target.

No strategy can be 100% accurate in the world.

So you are getting 7days ok profit.say 0.1%

7*20 or=140pt

3 days extreme profit say 0.3%


Remaining 10 days will be no profit/ no loss due to hedging.

So total 140+180=320pt

So in 22 trading days of a month

It is 320/22=14pt daily

14pt *40 lot size =560/-

If MIS margin used for banknifty is Rs 80000.

Then daily return is0.6%. so monthly returns 13% and annual return more than 150%.

A very simple single minded approach  can give you such a great result in minimum risk and time.

Practice it for 3 month till you get succeed.


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