best 3 stock pick for this month in nse share market future option derivative

best 3 stock pick for this month in nse share market

If you want to buy shares in indian stock market,you can find best 3stock picks for this month in NSE.

These best 3 stock picks can be used to buy stock future or stock option in derivative section.

Go to website.

when you scroll down the home page there, it will show you fastest stocks in lower bottom.

what do we mean by fastest stock?

fastest stock are the stock bought in maximum volume by institution

till last day of last month.If you see in march, it will show you top stocks bought by institution till 28 feb.

One can choose top 3 stocks out of these 10 stocks mentioned here.

these best 3 stock picks for this month in nse (share market) should be accumulated in 1/2/3 ratio when nifty or sensex goes in dip or downside move.

when sensex/nifty recovers or goes upside again, you can start booking profit means selling your holdings of stock in parts gain in 1/2/3 ratio.

This will give you control over market.