TRADERS’ GEETA part 1 – Universal rules to win in stock market option nifty future & forex derivatives

TRADERS’ GEETA – universal rules to win in stock market option nifty future & forex derivatives

What is most important to earn in mcx /stock market trading?

1.Trader need to practice these 2 things-

Discipline – time discipline+Target discipline

Whenever a big up /down movement comes,it attract all the traders back.when traders come back to trade,it becomes rangebound again.

Just notice last fridays free fall.

Then very dull movement on sat,monday and tuesday morning.

When 90% trader became hopeless,it just moved up 2000pts in 4 hrs.

2.Beginners are hyperactive.

They  try to trade on every up & down.

Mature trader choose 10 trades in a week.

If chance goes,its ok,but capital should not go away.

So calculate number of trade and stop losses u can afford.

Suppose there is a positional buy call in nickel abv 1052 sl 1034(18pt=4500)tgt1100

A small trader can’t afford it but he wants to.

He should use rs.3-3 sl 3 times.

buy@1052 sl 1049

buy@1043 sl1040

Buy@1037 sl1034

In this way it is possible to trade such call in just rs. 9 sl.

3.    See global markets (nasdaq/dow/hangseng/sgx nifty) from websites like before opening of today’s trading session.

4.       When stock market opens  , see the direction of index at right top of screen. 

5.       Create market watch in first 30 minutes after opening of today’s trading session.

6.       Place 4 scrips form different sectors or 4 commodity on upper half of screen, and place odin chart in lower half.

7.       U can start test trade with micro silver at 10.01. It is possible to have 150pts in silver in first 3 min. But do it with strict sl.when u become confident for 7 days in silvermicro then do it with mini 5kg or 30kg.

for this it is necessary to have key board & operator skill in ur silver@ 51900 sl 51750 tgt 52100place all the order fast.after confidence & observation 3 big lots gives u 15000 in first 3 min. Never do it without strict stoploss.

8.       Ur reaction time is very important in trading. How many minutes do u take for decision & execution of trade?

9.       Don’t be imotional when stoploss hits. It is better to hit 5 sl of 150pts rather than 1sl of 1000pts.

10.     Be flexible in trading.suppose silver goes up in morning and down in afternoon & again up in evening,then flexible trader takes 200pts from each 500 pts in safe zone.

11.     Never try to chase any commodity till pick or bottom. 

Place prior order for profit booking. Book at bottoms and resell again at jump or if it breaks low. (always with sl) 

12.     Keep time from 10 to 11am. Check opportunity at 2 pm when data comes. 

Avoid trading between 6 to 8 without clear tip.last trading session from 8 to 9.30. Then enjoy with family. 

13.     Target discipline. Fix min 2% daily tgt on capital. Every trader is not supposed to trade on every call. U can have 6000 in 3 safe calls with small sl. 

14.     Target for max loss in a day should also be fix with profit tgt. 

Trading every hour will not give u any profit.just learn to digest profit or loss. Take rest of 2 hours or 2days after small/big loss. 

Check this website to see annual charts of commodity- 

Commodity section 

See all products, details & fundamental(demand & supply) 

If u have problem with english,check this site 

Commodity section

15.Do not irritate when sl hit.

always count amount of stoploss instead of number of stoploss.
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Banknifty option strategy for daily intraday trading

Banknifty option strategy for daily intraday trading

What should be daily intraday trading strategy for banknifty option.

Lotsize for banknifty is 40.

Suppose current market price (CMP) of banknifty future is 25500.

Then which call and put of banknifty should be bought?

Go to nseindia website.

See equity derivatives there.You will see top 20 contract there.

Click on banknifty with any strike price call or put.

Option chain will be found there on right upper corner of the this.

Option chain will be open.

See the column in the middle of table- that is strike price.

Don’t bother about such a complex data shown there.

You can see nearest out of money (OTM call25600 and nearest out of money (OTM put with strike price 25400.

Left part shows CALL and Right part of table shows PUT.

Strike prices shown is light yellow shade are ITM (in the money.

What should be daily intraday strategy for banknifty option.

After9.30 am in morning,

Keep stop loss buy order@today high on 25600 call and SL buy @high in 25400 put.

If high is too far from CMP then VWAP (average price) may be used to place order.

Suppose 25400 put is running @cmp 180 and today high is 330.

So we should not put buy order@330 which is 150 point away.

See VWAP. If it is 220. Then we shall place SL buy order@220.

Same procedure will be repeated after 1.40pm in afternoon session.

But prices will change meanwhile,so do it accordingly.

You can wait till 11.30am in morning,

And wait till 3pm in afternoon.

Each strategy can show accuracy upto 60-70%

But that is well enough to reach our target.

No strategy can be 100% accurate in the world.

So you are getting 7days ok profit.say 0.1%

7*20 or=140pt

3 days extreme profit say 0.3%


Remaining 10 days will be no profit/ no loss due to hedging.

So total 140+180=320pt

So in 22 trading days of a month

It is 320/22=14pt daily

14pt *40 lot size =560/-

If MIS margin used for banknifty is Rs 80000.

Then daily return is0.6%. so monthly returns 13% and annual return more than 150%.

A very simple single minded approach  can give you such a great result in minimum risk and time.

Practice it for 3 month till you get succeed.


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Top 5 beaches to explore in goa that makes your trip special

Top 5 beaches to explore in goa that makes your trip special

1.Palolem (south Goa)
Palolem is most famous & popular in south Goa but it is on far end towards Karnataka.
It is 35 km from madgoan and 70km from panaji.
It is not wise to travel twice in a single day,so it is better to stay there overnight.
It is must to walk till the right stretch from entry gate for real beauty of this beach.

Morzim is famous for foreign tourists,sunbed for all.This the best beach to swim because it is flat and safe.
A romantic evening walk towards chapora fort is insane.You will feel like both of you lost in some other world.

No package will include these best 5 beaches in GOA which can make our trip special.

Actually beaches are not there to see, those are to be felt deeply.If you are giving proper time ,those beaches will give you timelessness.

Sinquerim is near aguada fort.This is the best beach for good photos of 10 km beach view stretch till baga beach.
Vivanta by Taj on hills gives a shining view in evening.
Lower aguada fort is very attractive for photography.walk a while to the last end and you will find a unforgettable place to sit for hours.

Anjuna is having young foreign crowd .shakes are much closer to sea so it feels cozy here.
Cost of stay is also reasonable with good quality.
Curlies double storey shake is so happening.
Cafe Lilliput is also famous.

5.small vegator
Tourist are going to vagator beach. generally.chapora fort & W hotel are located there.but it is comfortable in evening only.
Shakes are not there.

We are suggesting small vegator beach which is quite special and suitable for stay as well.
This beach is unique in it’s experience.
Last 2 beaches are 40% rocky.

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Enjoy with family and remember us like a friend.

nifty option tips and nifty intraday tips (how to trade safe

nifty option tips and nifty intraday tips (how to trade safe

SPEEDEARNING  IMM – Insttute of Money Management is the pioneer in online stock market classes.

stock market is a business with so many complex information & procedures. SPEEDEARNING simplified it for everyone,whether he or she may be from any field, different age group or qualification.

tutorial made by MoneyGURU Pankaj Jain are discussing everything about financial markets (share,commodity or forex)in a very simplified yet interesting approach.

trading training is not a skill only but it is changing one’s whole personality by breaking his or her psychological boundaries.

mcx trading tips is not advisory service but a systematic practical support with minimum possible risk or stoploss affordable even with 5000 onwards capital.

bank nifty option strategy is so perfect here that movement in either side even up or down is safe & rewarding for traders regularly.

Knowledge of each & every detail is the best commodity trading tips for beginners.


There are so many advisory services providing mcx trading tips,

but every trader want to trade with us with parallel training because it gives lifelong solution to them.

We are unique mcx tips provider with smallest stoploss & fix minimum timing to trade without any stress.

Nifty and banknifty option need very less capital (5 to 10000/-) is also ok.

There are so many strategies to trade nifty option for every week of the month.

Option tips  nifty intraday tips (how to trade safe.option trading course include 50+ videos in the beginning.

Then special video will be sent every week based on your own queries.

These videos are not available to all publicly.

There is no lack of information now a days but lack of focus is the real problem.

One can easily practice these 10-15 strategies and get return on investment ROI more than 1000% at least.


Which stock should we buy – large cap or small cap stocks

Which stock should we buy – large cap or small cap stocks?

We should buy high priced blue chip stocks from nifty 200 list in the that you are not worried about survival of stocks.
You can detach list of nifty200 & nifty 500 in Google search from many websites.
Meanwhile you are observing the parallel market and getting familiar with midcap & small ap stocks day by day.
One dip in sensex / nifty will help you to check strength of any small priced stock.
Beginners are always positive for small priced shares.
they think that high price is very risky.They focus more on quantity in place of quality.
Suppose a beginner see maruti@9000.
He feels it impossible to buy Maruti but he will buy some other 100 shares@90 rupees price.
The amount invested is the same in both cases but risk is very less in Maruti because everyone is assured about quality of company.
Still one question remains,
Does Maruti have scope to go further beyond 9000?
You will have to see charts of some stocks for answer to this question –
Many traders Trapped into falling stocks like unitech which fell from 500 to 200.then 200 to 50 then 50 to 5/-
In the same way rcom fell from 800 to 13 only.
They lost their money very fast.
There was sector shift in to the market.
Sector shift means sector performed in last bull run of 2005-2008 are touching bottoms till now.
Remaining sector which were touching bottom in 2005-2008 are making new highs every quarter.
This will continue in this bull run for next 2 years.
So we need unlimited patience to earn in cheap falling stocks. Those will reduce your capital to 30% before giving 300% return.
A beginner means an investor who did not experience a full cycle of stock market will not be able to withstand such shock in any manner.
That is why,
We are suggesting to buy stocks which are breaking 52week highs and bought by mutual funds also.
But it is easy to be said than done.If you saw Maruti @900 then how will you gather courage to buy it on 3200.
It needs continuous study and observations to reassure an investor’s conviction.



Understand Future Stock Market Trends Through Nifty Technical Analysis

There are two main methods in analyzing securities to make investment decisions. Both technical analysis and fundamental analysis are nifty future tips and strategy for trading, although many prefer the first because of its versatility. Fundamental analysis has to do with analyzing financial statements of a company, therefore determining the business’ fair market value, whereas technical analysis assumes that the price of a security already reflects this and all other publicly available information. Therefore, technical analysis focuses on price movements and the statistical analysis of such trends and patterns.

Technical analysis offers nifty future tips and strategy for stock trading and although it may appear quite complex and hard to understand on the surface, it is a lot simpler than it looks as it directly points to an analysis of basic market supply and demand, hence determining where price trends are headed. In even simpler terms, what technical analysis attempts to achieve is a better understanding of true market sentiment behind price patterns and trends rather than wasting valuable time and resources analyzing the fundamental attributes of a security. Mastering the limitations and the strengths and benefits of this stock trading strategy allows you a useful set of skills and tools that will help you become a better long-term trader and investor.

Technical analysis provides such nifty future tips and strategy because it allows you to make smarter and more financially sound stock trading and investment decisions. Through technical analysis, you learn how to evaluate the history of stock prices and in turn, get a pretty accurate future reading of how a particular stock will be priced. Analyzing stock charts will help you create your own predictive price charts, which can in turn enables you to determine the best move for your trading. Technical analysis will help you identify the instability of stock prices, their value, and their overall potential to make profit.

Stock Market and Commodities Futures and Options – What You Need to Know Before You Trade

How to trade commodities and stock market is a question many novice traders ask. What you should first understand is that trading commodities is a different game from trading stocks, although both are worth learning if you want to increase investment profits. One of the main things you should remember when it comes to trading is that all investment instruments are unique in terms of the way they generate profit.

A key advantage of commodities trading is that unlike stock trading or investments in ETFS and mutual funds, commodities allow you to make higher percentage gains with a trading capital that is usually only about 10% of a contract’s total value. For instance, you can take hold of a futures contract within the S&P 500-Index with a small margin deposit of a little over $20,000, whereas it would take you several hundred thousand to buy the actual stocks within the same index. Moreover, a 20% rise in it will return a profit of more than 100% as opposed to buying. This means putting up smaller investments for a much larger profit.

To some traders on the other hand, trading stocks is a lot easier than trading commodities in that they generally have more trading activity, which ultimately lowers cost to trade. It is also important to note that stocks in general tend to outperform inflation over time because you are essentially investing your money in enterprises that are trying to improve and be more productive as opposed to commodities that only rise at the pace of inflation.

Regardless where you stand in the stock trading versus commodities trading debate, learning how to trade commodities and stock market is a valuable skill to master as both trading environments offer great profitability, especially when you know how to play the game right.

which stock to buy or sell in intraday trading today

which stock to buy or sell in intraday trading today.

which stock to buy or sell in intraday trading today.intraday tradingIf you want to trade intraday then you will have to select stocks very carefully.

there are so many intraday tips provider in stock market but they all are useless without deep understanding.Otherwise traders enter into any trade, but unable to exip with profit.

All of them are going to exit with losses most of the time because they don’t know the reason to enter.If market condition changes suddenly then they are unable to see those changes.

You can use PAIR startegy simply-

go to

sell index watch & sectoral indices.

top 2 sectors with max positive % & weakest 2 sectors with max negative sectors.

suppose METAL secter is strongest,

top gainer is hindalco cmp 258.5 & high is 260.

then put stoploss buy @260.

top loser in same metal sector is coal india cmp 285. low is 283.5.

CMP is very near to low, so it shows weakness of stock,we can put stoploss SELL order@low 283.5.

So we are prepared for both upside & downside move of nifty or sensex.

In the same way,

suppose private bank sector is weakest.

top loser is federal  cmp 98.3 low 97.8.

so one can put stoploss sell order@97.8(low.

top gainer is yesbank cmp 318.5 high 319.5.

trader can place stoploss buy order @319.5(high till that moment.

this strategy is called pair strategy and can be used for future & option (derivative trading) as well.

we shall discuss future trades & option trades in different articles however.

Such strategy gives an answer for sudden sector reversal, sensex/nifty reversal or stock specific weakness or strength.

It will be more useful when largecap stocks are showing weakness & midcap or smallcap stock showing good buying interest.

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क्रूड ऑयल mcx में ऑनलाइन ट्रेडिंग कैसे करें atp से 


Average is generally weighted average of high and low of that period.

Period may be a day,week or a year.

If some commodity or scrip maintaining above ATP, then it is said strong in buy side.

& If it slips below average, then becomes weak (selling)

say CRUDE was running today near average5720.

after some struggle, it came up fairly up above 5720 with increasing buyers.

Then 2 options are possible for trading-

1. buy crude@5728 sl5719


2. buy crude jun & sell crude july – stoploss 8 pt both side.

Hedging gives us support till clarity.



Generally 40-50pt stoploss in crude is given by tippers all over india.

If you are hitting 16pt both side STOP LOSS in a very bad day,

then you will get 3 fair chances in same50 pt risk.

and it’s not possible to hit 3 stoplosses consecutively, if you are entering@6.15/7.15/8.15pm.


Now crude went up to 5790. average is still 5732.

It is 50-60pt above average,

Then it is often seen that scrip slip to average once,then bounce back again( only if data supports


So what should we do here@5790?

book once buying profit.

then sell @5790 sl5800

or buy jun crude & sell july crude again with 8pt SL bothside.

This ATP phenomenon may be seen in other scrips too.



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Stock market F&O Full day trader’s schedule

Stock market F&O Full day trader’s schedule

with entry & exit(all strategy with right sequence)

what to see before entering TRADE in daytrading of share market stock marketFnO?

1.See global market weekly or daily (whatever available on or

2.See top monthly & last day losers/gainers stocks.

see for timely updation in INDIA indices.

3.See yesterday gaining & losing sectors

4.See nifty/ sensex last 5day chart.

5.See last 5day chart for loser stock.

6.See nifty/ bank nifty most active call/put & note on paper.

buy nifty future or keep sl buy abv high in call+put, IF last 2days showed clear jump or fall.

Stock market F&O Full day trader’s schedule

7.See monthly loser stock’s call & monthly gainer stock’s put & their hedging.

8.Place buy/sell of nifty gainer/ loser @ cmp sl0.4% or

see volume screener/hourly gainer/recovery from intraday low in

BUY top gainers/sell top loser with low volume & book on move till 11am.

9. Keep STOPLOSS buy abv high in top gainer of midcap & stoploss sell below low in top loser of midcap.

book fast in activated trade.(equity or call/put)

10.Take a break from 11.30 am to1.30pm.(lunch, study, outdoor urgencies)

Stock market F&O Full day trader’s schedule

11.after 1.30pm

Watch again top gainer & top loser sector and stocks.

12.Place buy abv high & sell below low in (equity or option) or

see volume screener/hourly gainer/recovery from intraday low 52 week high low/

BUY top gainers/sell top loser with low volume

13.Place order in nifty/ banknifty future with hedging of call/put.

or place trade in nifty call+put combo daily@1.54pm sl8pt.

14.Try to book all before3pm.Stock market F&O Full day trader’s schedule is must.










15.See volume screener again for BTST trade & buy @3.29pm and sell @9.16am next day. or

See for btst trade in options of nifty/banknifty or strong/weak stock.

16.Keep seeing f3-f3 order book & alt+f6 net position in every 30minutes.Remove useless orders & keep booking part profits on each move.

17.Sell/buy(square off) extra position in post market from3.40 to4pm.

18.Note down your trading record with tentative brokerage+ taxes & analyse your mistakes today to improve  in next day’s trading.

Everyone can learn everything of stock market commodity or forex trading with us in just a weekend & small fee like pocket money.



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