Can you earn a living via trading stocks?

Can you earn a living via trading stocks?
The online stock traders often face a question that whether someone can live by only trading stocks? Trading stocks can be a good way to earn money but it should not be the reason to live your job. It might sound very fascinating that one has left his current means of earning and has gone full time trading stocks but it has a lot of risks too.
Despite all the drawbacks of trading stocks as toe335ld by other, it is definitely possible to earn a living. The term ‘possible’ and ‘probable’ become very significant here. There is a possibility that you can make a good amount of money but the probability is not high.
Like we all know, the majority of the investors, especially the amateurs, being influenced by the success of paper trading, takes a leap of faith and eventually lose their entire fortune in it. On the contrary, we have also witnessed the massive success rate of a person via online trading. They only have a laptop and a proper internet connection to make the online trading. The rest is history.

Can you earn a living via trading stocks?
Earning a living via trading
The rules are quite simple. When you are good at something, you can use it as a measure to earn a living. It means that you need to have a specific skill and a mindset to make a good turn. The real skill of trading stocks is to understand the current behavior of the market and the ability to take risk. Risk can be taken by anyone but it will be different when you reach an excellent level.
As per the new SEBI rules, the contract size will be limited or the individual traders. Previously, the same authoritative body was planning to make the trading volume even bigger. It means that the future of the trading world is totally dynamic. One does not know what will come. The unpredictability also makes it a tough industry to earn money via investing only. The contract volume was set to be INR 2 Lakh for the last decade. Now it will be increased to INR 10 Lakh as per the SEBI.

Can you earn a living via trading stocks?
This step is being taken by SEBI so that only the richer online stock traders can participate in the game, especially in the F&O segment. It means you will have to have a sound knowledge of trading methodology. On the other hand, you also need an adept skill to manage risk. The environment varies from time to time and so does the risks involved.
To get started, you will need to learn the specific terms related to the trading world. Remember one thing that you want to become a trader. The investors often rely on what the tips suggest and leave the money to grow. In this case, your investment will be in your hand. You will need a proper financial cushion to support you for the first few months. You cannot get emotional and lose your track. Loss is also an option. You do not have to win always and eventually lose all your money.