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OPTIONcourse  (stock+nifty -banknifty call put)

12  long video  (30  minutes each 100% safe strategies

straddle – strangle-spread- butterfly strategies,option chain,trade repair,

60 videos to understand everything about OPTION (5-15 minutes video each)

eos to understand everything about OPTION (5-15 minutes video each)

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INTRADAY  video course-

12  long video  (30  minutes each 100% safe strategie

60 video to understand a to z of day trading

(5-15 minutes each)+ technical analysis

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future video course

10 long videos (30 minutes each) strategies &

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Investment video course

10 long videos (30 minutes)strategies

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short term – long term – mutual fund – ipo

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STOCK market –

Equity,future & option

    1.How to watch daily market in NSE?

    2.Right BUY/SELL with sectors & index watch?

    3.Futures & Options details

    4.Daily hedging in nifty FUTURE & Options.

    5.Daily strategy for stock call & put(options

    6.Intraday trading techniques part 1

    7.Intraday trading

  1. four stages of trading

    9.Safe Monthly trading volume plan

    10.Short term trading (Buy today sell tomorow & STBT in future

    11.Way2wealth screeners & option details

    12.Moneycontrol technical details & candlesticks

    13.Mutual fund holding

    14.Hourly gainers & volume screeners

    15.Last hour daily equity & stock option strategy

    16.Option hedging with result calender

    17.Straddle option strategy

  1. Strangle option strategies (nifty & banknifty

    19.Bullish & bearish spreads

    20.weekly & swing trading in bluechip & midcap stocks

    21.Monthly buying in largecap & smallcap

    22.daily churning for safe profit like any business

    23.technical analysis (how to read chart & sources

    24.Support-resistance & breakout

    25.Earnometer/vfmdirect &charting websites

    55.Option observation project 1

    56 option observation project2

    57.Equity SIP with yearly gainer/loser & 15year charts

    58.Sector analysis for short & longterm

    59.Portfolio management

    60.Online portfolio maintanance

    61.IPO-FPO Public issue

    62.Past issue & analysis

    63.Banknifty & nifty futures daily

  1. Banknifty & nifty options daily & last week