stock market GEETA part 3 – ever winning rules for share market option future / mcx / forex

stock market GEETA – ever winning rules for share market option future / mcx / forex


31.Try to trade in safe zone.If copper is going from 400 to 410,then take 403 to 407,That is safe zone.

You can go for 3lots  for 12pt profit.

32.Do not chase profit.

If chance goes,let it go.It will come back,

buy if capital goes, it will not come back.

No one dieif he falls from slow bicycle.Speed without skill is biggest danger.

Your growth should be slow & steady for retaining success.

33.You should not be bullish or bearish by nature.If we are occupied with some pressumption,we can not see actual movement.

34.Reduce your reaction time.If you observe continuously without any pressure then It will reduce automatically.

Reaction time means gap between taking decision & implementing real trade. not become dustbin.Whole media,tv channel& prints,co traders & many websites are coming with contradictory statements & views.

One becomes full of garbage like dustbin –totally confused.

Refrain from noise,listen to all but follow right reasons.

36.Do not buy or sell in impulse.If right reasons are there(sector running,above avrage,more buyers,bounce from bottom) buy/sell optimum volume with strict small stoploss.

If  no right reason is there,sit free whole day without any trade or open hedging both side(up/down).

37.We should not have attachment or detatchment to any commodity.

some fellow says -we trade in bullions only.

some says- I will never touch silver again.WHY?

We sould be familier to all commodities especiaaly in MCX to get regular intraday profits.

If gold/silver shows very good move  for2-3 days ,then it will become rangebound for next 4-5 days.

When bullion take breather, base metal- copper-nickel -lead-zinc shows big move one by one.

Choose strongest to buy  & weakest to sell on that day to earn maximum with minimum risk.

38. Many of traders know that how to trade when market moves good

But few of traders know – how to pass time without trade when market is in confusing tight range.

39.Keep checking all your pending orders by F3-f3and cancel all useless orders.

See net position in ALT+F6 and keep booking profit directly from there.

40.We need to try and test right system for 50days.Just learn to maintain 1000/- in evening (7-8.30slot)

Then multiply lots(2.3.6) gradually.PROFIT may reach upto 5000/- or 10000/-daily.

If one reaches such target in 24 months,then IS iT LATE? 2lac per month within 2yrs.

41.Some day you tried very much but still in loss of 2000/-. all sl hitting.

Just accept it & leave the screen for today.

You don’t have any burden of loan,salary,electricity bill or petrol etc.

Play cool.

42.Never try to recover loss in single shot,Otherwise loss will be double.

Recover loss of 10.000/- in 4parts.

43.Even if you have lost 20lacs in losses ,It is ok to plan 5000/- daily only and stick to plan.

You will cover all your losses in 400 days only(less than 1.5yrs)

If you need to get training,Salaried operator or fast internet speed.

Calculate and arrange all these.

Within 20days ,It will be clear whether these things are  working or not.

44.Record all your trading activities  and time slots in dull hours or late evening..You can see loopholes and improvise day by day.

45.Whole day watching screen may create fatigue in your body,mind and eyes.So take breaks.

Relax your eyes,take a nap in afternoon,meditate,parallel self study of market trends.Write diary.

46.Maintain energy level to remain fearless & to make prompt decision and action.





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