stock market training – how much money do I need to trade stocks/ options?

Stock market is a world class business. Sky is the limit in case of earning here.
Many ignorant middle class people think that it is not affordable by them.
but surprisingly it can be started even with 1000 to 5000/- only. It is affordable by a student or housewife.
One needs very little money and very little time.
You need a trading or demat account to start this business. Such account can be opened with nominal fee rs300-600/-.
5 minutes may be enough to earn if one understand the market.
It can be done easily on smartphone now so it can be done from anywhere like mall,hill station or running train.
You should expect profit in right percentage of capital. Suppose one is getting rs 50/- from rs 5000/- capital.
It is 1 percent daily means 250 percent in 250 working days.
that is ultimate possible profit from any business. No one can maintain regular percentage of profit anyways. You need to stop with a little loss some day even after trying very hard  but you will get unexpectedly big profit someday. So average profit is maintained if you are not trapped in reaction of big loss.
Any other business will need so many resources – 5lac+ capital , employee,office,bills and many hours of working without flexibility.
But traders career is quite lucrative in advanced countries. Why such a business don’t have good reputation in our society.
because new things are not adopted by established families in beginning. So these are adopted by incapable and  not well educated people. When some of them become very successful then all others from all backgrounds are attracted towards the same career.
This is quite obvious cycle since ages. There will be huge awareness in every 10+old person within 5 years.
So begin it with a systematic start with proper training. If you have really decided to give a full swing try then pick up the phone and call us.
see pankaj jain youtube  india’s big channel for stock market and mcx