Are you failing in your career? A single reason to fail in any field

Are you failing in your career? A single reason to fail in any field.

People are trying too hard now a days to succeed in their studies,career, family, health but most of them are failing to achieve remarkable.

However no one is satisfied with his present growth. He/she want to go further.that is quite healthy.

But if you are not getting ahead at all then it is the time to see within and find the root cause.

Why don’t we go ahead when we are working hard all the day?

What is the reason?

Being whole day busy avoiding any deep thought process is a temporary comfort and temporary gratification as well.

It might be possible that you are trying to avoid any new decision.It is comfortable to follow chosen path.

Because when you start for a new path, it is unknown. If so many people keep asking you

“What are you doing now a days?”

It becomes difficult to prove yourself for time being.It is very easy in following old path.

Buy it is very dangerous to stick old ideas.

Old ideas seems boring today but we are adjusting.

These will be unbearable after some years and you have to have go for finding new and real solutions.but you would have wasted most of your energy already.

Then what is to be done?

Everything seems worthful in beginning and worthless after some weeks?

Stop your routine at the moment and see the truth that you are not doing anything.

Being busy is not working at all?

Just stop and don’t worry.

You took birth with a functional body in an ok family and got the chance to be raised well without your interference.

Life doesn’t stop if you stop but it find a way to go ahead without your interference.

You feel very scared in the beginning when you stop but it will be ok when you feel that real comfort of floating naturally.

Everything will happen in a natural way ,you just need to avoid internal friction.It will stop wastage of energy in clash.