You Can Start Option Trading With 5000 Only

Option Trading With 5000

If you are just a beginner in option trading, you can ponder over how much money you should invest in your new business.

This is one of the common queries that a newbie has in his mind and here I am going to discuss this to help you out.

Well, no amount is considered to be as smaller amount until and unless you start your journey as a stock marketer.

It is not necessary to invest a huge amount of money at the beginner’s level just as we need it in Real estate Business.

Yes , you can start your business with only 5000 rs and another thing you keep in mind that you should have set aside an adequate emergency fund that gives you a backup for an unexpected event.

Being a newbie you must not be aware of the basics of risk management so an emergency fund can support you at your initial 3 to 6 months.

The Futures and Commodity markets offer Day Traders better access to day exchange for a considerably little deposit.

Depending upon the brokerage, you can open a future account with as little as $2,500, whereas many require at $5,000 to $10,000.

This isn’t the equivalent as “margin”, which is the base measure of capital you should have in your account with a specific end goal.

The margin required relies upon the market being traded and the current level of unpredictability.

For instance, to trade a single Live Cattle Future contract you may need to have an “Initial Margin” of $1,650 to start the trade, and it must not dip under $1,200 which would be your “Maintenance Margin”.

For a beginner in option market trading all these things seems to be more confusing as it may lead to a loss of investment.

So Option Trading is an definitely risky financial activity that should only be practiced by those people who have acquired effective risk management and asset allocation strategies.

You  can learn according to your requirements to develop your skills. Various of modules are available to give you proper knowledge.

From Option trading Basic course to Some Advance level courses are offered by various of institutes like IFMC, Institute of Money Management, Nifty, NCFM Academy and many more.

Whether you are a beginner or a working professional , you can fetch any of the courses  like Option Trading, Financial Trading, Stock Trading, Forex, Technical Analysis, Day Trading, Future Trading, Investing, Personal Finance Strategies and many more.

Top 5 tips in Option Trading:

  • Options are considered as the best risk reducing tools for investments.
  • Manage Risk carefully and tactfully as you can lose your investment at any time. So don’t invest money going out of your comfort zone.
  • Never buy any option that is cheap but tempting. The chances of success are too small in these cases.
  • Never go for a broke as any unexpected event can happen.
  • Always buy one option for every option you sell. This is how selling spreads.

However, if you are willing to pursue the education and perform the hard work necessary to make money at it, options trading can be a very rewarding and profitable.


FUTURE & OPTION(derivative) IN STOCK MARKET hindi video -NSE फ्यूचर्स एंड आप्शन्स

FUTURE & OPTION(derivative) IN STOCK MARKET hindi video -NSE फ्यूचर्स एंड आप्शन्स

 FUTURE & OPTION (EASY STUDY IN 5MINUTES)click the above link for detail video

फ्यूचर्स एंड आप्शन्स कभी शेयर ट्रेडिंग की नई प्रणाली हें । चूंकि                                                                                                  

इसमें बड़े पैमाने पर ही काम अत: बड़े नुकसान या फायदे की सम्भावना बनती बनती हें । हर टर्मिनल पर एक स्क्रीन NSE -BSE की और एफ एंड ओ की स्क्रीन होती है .FUTURE & OPTION(derivative) IN STOCK MARKET hindi video –NSE फ्यूचर्स एंड आप्शन्स फ्यूचर में फिलहाल 500 से ज्यादा स्क्रिप्स है जिनमे बहुत ज्यादा वॉल्यूम होता है । you can find all future & option lotsize & marjin amount by goole search of website like zerodha.

केश मार्केट में आप सौ या दो सौ -पाँच सौ क्वांटिटी ट्रेड करते है .लेकिन ऍफ़ & ओ में लॉट की साइज़ फिक्स होती है।

स्टॉक का प्राइस ज्यादा है तो लोट साइज़ छोटा है जैसे infy(2 4 0 0 ) का लॉट 1 2  5 का है .जबकि ifci(2 0 ) का लॉट 1 3 0 0 0 का है ।

लॉट की कुल वैल्यू का 1 5 % मार्जिन मनी लगता है । फ्यूचर में ब्रोकरेज 0. 0 3 % इंट्रा डे वाली लगती है । ऑप्शन -कॉल या पुट में 5 0 /लॉट ब्रोकरेज लगती है ।

फ्यूचर में ट्रेडर लास्ट थर्सडे (गुरुवार) तक रुक सकता है । महीने की लास्ट गुरुवार एक्सपायरी का दिन होता है।

यदि अभी अप्रैल चल रहा है तो हमको ट्रेडिंग के लिए अप्रैल, मई  और जून की सीरीज अवेलेबल है । अप्रैल में एक महीने से कम और जून में तीन माह का टाइम मिल जाता है ।

अप्रैल का फ्यूचर सेल करके मई का फ्यूचर खरीदना पड़े तो इसे  रोल ओवर कहते है । डे टू डे लास /प्रॉफिट के चेक देना होता है ,जो मार्क टू मार्किट मार्जिन कहलाता है ।









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