trading GEETA part2 – universal rules for profit in stock derivative/commodity mcx or forex

trading GEETA – universal rules for profit in stock derivative/commodity mcx or forex

16.if there are clear resson to by something with ressonable sl then buy it.

if suddenly buyers decresse ,don,t wait for sl hit ,just come out .

17. Keep booking part profit and keep trailing SL(STOPLOSS) in remaining lot.

18.For great profits ,

          we need to do one thing only control your losses .profit will take care of itself.

19.Trader make a common mistakes.they control their profits, but wait in losses,

         there should be 1:3 ratio is sl/profit.

20.When u open positions ,just calculate the value of total stoplosses.if total stop loss amount is higher,then reduce the volume.

21. Control over volume is the ultimate control.If we are making 3mistakes in micro lot,then recovery is possible in single big lot.

22. do not over trade.If daily loss reach 2% of capital,then stop trading immediate


and it takes time to practice.

23.Just learn to digest profit or loss.

Take a break,listen music,go to market,meet people or study old charts on internet.

24.Always think in percentage(%).If silver is moving 500pt then it is just 1%.It may go upto 6% someday.

25.Beginners are hyperactive,but mature traders trade only when there is strong reason.

26.Learn to see mkt watch with time discipline,twice or trice a day.(say @1.55pm,5.55,8.55pm )

If you learn to remain calm in red and blue .then you will win definitely.

27.  Calculate your daily brokerage and taxes.You can’t ignore detail cost in any business.

Traders generally pay upto 1000/- for daily brokerage+taxes,but they never calculate this.That is why they are not mentally prepared to pay half of this(500/- daily) for good research and training.

28.just record all your trade in a pocket diaryand analyse your trading behaviour & methodology day by day.

Facts & figures show us exact picture.

Do not argue and do not justify your mistakes.

Accept simply,then rectify day by day.


29.A trader’s core thought is very important.If you think that it is a gambling of chances,then it becomes gambling actually.

If  one consider it like a genuine business,then he is ready for all proper inputs.

30.Leave your ego,keep your profits.

Keep your ego,leave your profits.

A trader has to be very flexible.He should adjust profit & losses as per market conditions.