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Dear Pankaj ji,

Today, on occasion of completing successful six months of option trading, I earnestly express my thanks for your awesome guidance.

 Having gone through your videos repeatedly, I can say with authority that it is easy to take your video coaching for granted but it is difficult to forget your inspirational words, prudent overview and motivational advices.

The best part, I learn from your coaching videos are discipline, patience, trade with defined targets (i.e. Controlling Greed).

Today, technology may make it easier for students to learn with devices, but nothing can come close to the experience of being taught by an “Inspirational Guide” like you.

It reminds me word of “Ever Garrison” who aptly said, “A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils”.

It has paved smooth transition from my current to optional retirement so that I can spend quality time with my daughters staying abroad.

With best regards,




Hello Sir,

Today is Teacher's Day, so lots & lots of best wishes for you...In my view you are not only a good & great teacher but an institution in yourself...You deserve these wishes in a very authentic manner...I am an ardent admirer of your knowledge, confidence, skill and the way you present it through your videoes.
I still recall the first day conversation before joining the class when i asked you that   " ये  fruitful तो होगा न ?  and i got an assurance from you with these wordings   "IT IS LIFE CHANGING" 


जब पहली बार मैने आपका video नेट पर देखा था बहुत ही सुखद अनुभव था वो मेरे लिए; Because I was very eager to learn cpital market. वीडियो देखकर  ऐसा लगा कि धरती के किस कोने में बैठा है ये इंसान?

जीवन को उसके उच्चतम धरातल पर जियें आप
एक सुखी..स्वस्थ..सफल..एवं..समृद्ध ..जीवन..हो

Good night
Amrita Baidya


I am very much thank full to Pankaj ji

After 20 days /lecture Of Training Now i know how to trade  means,  when to enter to buy OR sell a script in MCX. The time disipline is the main basic factor Of trading in MCX.

  • Then  small stoploss is a must after any trade executed.Avoid over trade.
  • Market watch 15/30 minutes interval.
Ok again thank you. I hope after completion Of Training i may be a successful MCX  trader.
With Regards 

Pankaj sir and Speed Earning are best..

My name is Abhishek Bhadouria.. I joined the 45000 stock market course in august and now i am a profitable intraday and swing trader..Telephonic classes are highlight of the course.


Pankaj sir Training programme is immeasurable.

Training programme is immeasurable, sir excellent, in some day I got excellent result from the type of strategy



Email id is dhrubapruseth1@gmail.com

Swarup Dwari

I was learning to do trading on my own. It was like a clutter. After I joined your training everything has been started to be managed, including personal life. Best thing is due to your mentorship now I have learned the skill very fast, which might have taken years. 

Thank you
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