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Intraday stock market online trading + BTST trading & technical analysis video course 4999/-


Intraday trading is most popular among traders.

most of the traders are attracted towards market due to daytrading only.

this video course include all strategies to earn from the day one.


Main topics are-

Trading software operation on laptop & smartphone.

how to earn in first & last 5 minutes of trading day.

simple but super efficient sector strategy

recovery from intraday low

fall from intraday high for daytrading and BTST (buy today sell tommorow

hourly gainer / hourly loser startetegy

volume increase price rise for daytrading and BTST (buy today sell tommorow

volume increase price fall

52 week high / all time high strategy for daytrading and BTST (buy today sell tommorow

52 week low /all time low strategy

contrarian trading

result calender for fastest & biggest profit


Technical analysis

moving average convergence divergence (MACD

RSI relative strenth index

bollinger bands

technical screener to apply easy analysis for intraday profit


positive & negative breakout stocks


46 day trading rules (TRADING GEETA

biggest reason of trading losses

4 stages of trading for sure success in trading career

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